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Wonderful people of VERCETTI. welcome to our family. And welcome to an amazing journey with you in the leading role as an official VERCETTI. micro influencer. 

We believe in the power of a vision and a self determined way of life. The main message behind the VERCETTI. brands is called “IT’S YOUR LIFE MAKE EVERY SEDOND LEGENDARY” and that’s it. Because that encapsulates everything, which is needed to change something in our life, in our environment and even in the whole world.

We live in a modern world. But is that modern world also a happy world where we enjoy our lifes? To be honest, not really. Most of us are always focused on all the material things in life or on our work. But we forget to live our live, to collect new impressions, learn something new, visit new places, meet new people and friends and do the things we really love.

How would the world look like if everyone of us has at least one thing in life that makes us happy and satisfied? It would be much better and less stressful or aggressive.

That’s our vision to share a message that changes at least the mindset of some of us. But a message needs to be shared so that as much as possible people can see it. That’s why we want to grow the VERCETTI. family with you as one of our legendary Micro-Influencers.

Share your #LifeofVERCETTI. and share the #VisionOfVERCETTI to make the create more legendary seconds that make our lives legendary. 




As a part of the MISTER VERCETTI Gentlemans you get a lot of exclusive bonuses like a discount for your community, for your personal orders. And every six month we choose of of our family members to join an exclusive luxury traveling experience to one of the most amazing locations around the world where you will enjoy 10 day in MISTER VERCETTI’s way of traveling that has no limit. #joinit #lifeofvercetti #mistervercetti

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We pay you 35% of the global profit that was generated from your community.

Win a Journey

Every 6 month we select a winner from our influencer who has the change to get a exclusive #LifeofVERCETTI travel experience to an legendary location around the world.